Intercultural research in university linkage in Ecuador

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Hugo David Tapia Sosa
Luzmila Valverde Medina
Kelly Estrada Realpe
Juan Rivas Rosero


The need for university-society linkage is internationally recognized, the knowledge that is built contributes to the transformation and development of the community in general. The study aims to analyze intercultural research from the university linkage in Ecuador, specifically addresses the pedagogical strategy that relates the appropriation of integrative content in the transfer of knowledge at the high school level from teachers and students of the Pedagogy of Experimental Sciences of Mathematics and Physics of the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Technical University Luis Vargas Torres of Esmeraldas Ecuador. The results reveal an increase in the level of intercultural investigative competence of the students who develop the preprofessional practices of community service, located at the level of use of technological applications, which made possible the improvement of the academic performance of high school students from the execution of a pedagogical strategy, in the same way, it was valued that its practical implementation is a carrier of transformations that overcome the traditional forms of teaching and learning. It is concluded that the university linkage can be extensively implemented in the context of research-interculturality, corroborating the purpose of overcoming the inadequacies presented in the research-training-intercultural formation, as well as the competences of the students involved in this research



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Tapia Sosa, H. D., Valverde Medina, L., Estrada Realpe, K., & Rivas Rosero, J. (2022). Intercultural research in university linkage in Ecuador. Revista Iberoamericana De educación, 5(2).

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